1. Fill the disembarkation/ arrival card properly.

Immigration authorities of many countries require passengers to fill up the disembarkation or customs arrival card . Be sure to make proper declaration of items to be declared as per customs regulation, to avoid interruptions or paying penalties

2. Count your luggage and be sure you take your own and not others.

Most of the luggage look the same at the conveyor belt. Ensure that you have taken your own luggage and not that of other passengers. Count the number of luggage you have and ensure you did not miss any.

3. Remember that generally, airport exchanges are an expensive option for trading in money.

Although the airport currency kiosks pose to be more convenient and accessible upon your arrival, remember that it is always an expensive option. Most cities have currency houses for foreign exchange located in the malls. You may also use your debit or credit cards in purchases or ATM withdrawals as banks always apply current rates, but remember you bank may also impose fees for international transactions.

4. Buy a local sim card to avoid roaming charges.

Sim cards are usually available at the airports. If you want to save on roaming charges, opt for a local sim card. Don’t forget to inform your family members back home that you are using a temporary telephone number.

5. For airport pick and drop, get the driver’s number and company name.

Book cars or transfers from well-known companies and get the car number, driver’s name and phone number for easy communication. This will also help in case you left any belongings or luggage in the car.

6. Memorize the name and address of your hotel.

Let all members of the family memorize the name and address of the Book hotel where you are staying. For small kids, let them wear an ID necklace with the parent’s name, mobile number, hotel name and hotel phone number. Of course, we are always onguard when it comes to our kids, but it’s very important to have proper identification. It will help a big deal in case one went out of the loop during the tour.

7. You can use TV USB port for charging your phone.

Just in case you ran out of charger plug, remember you can use the TV USB port to keep your phone charged at all times while in the hotel.

8. Bring photocopies of your passports when you go out and keep the originals in the safety deposit box.

Aside from hard copies of the passport, each should have a copy of the passport saved in his mobile phone. Avoid as much as possible carrying the original passport.

9. Ensure the safety box is really safe.

Wearing a belt bag or body bag is very functional, convenient and practical. Strut your essential stuff like travel documents, cards and cash in a belt bag. Your documents will be more secure and easily accessible without the hassles of searching beneath the rumbled items in your carry-on bag.

10. It is advisable for each family member to keep a small cash in the pocket when going out.

This is important in case of any emergency or when someone went out of the loop.

11. Be punctual in your tour programs as per your itinerary.

Check your itinerary and be ready ahead of time. Remember that a good travel experience is a result of good planning. Be at the pick-up point 10 minutes before the agreed time. Say you did not book your tours before you travel, you can check with tour agencies which are normally available at the hotel. You can also check with tourism companies outside which are usually cheaper than agencies with implants in the hotel..

12. Pay attention to the local customs and traditions.

Most destinations have their own distinct culture, customs and traditions such as in greetings, meeting new people, tipping, dressing and even in conduct or practices in public areas. It is wise to take note of these customs and traditions so as not to offend others or put yourself in awkward situations

13. Avoid religious or political conversation with anyone.

Matters regarding religion and politics are very delicate and should be avoided totally. Never say any sarcastic remarks nor criticize any government body or its people. While freedom of expression is exercised in other countries, it could be different in others, so keep away from these topics in order not to land yourself in trouble.

14. Wear a smile wherever you travel.

Smile is a universal language that everyone understands, always wear it wherever you go.

15. Be careful of stray animals.

If you are driving, be extra careful and watch out for stray animals especially in roads traversing forest areas.

16. Bring your charger or power bank in your tours.

You would never want to miss capturing great moments with your family. So carry your power bank and keep your phone or camera charged and ready.

17. Be extra cautious when taking pictures.

There are some areas where taking photographs is strictly prohibited by law. Avoid taking pictures of government offices, military camps, and railroad stations. Be careful not to post in social media any photos with faces of other people in the background. If you want to use drones in capturing pictures, check with the country’s regulation as different countries may have different regulations as to drone usage.

18. Avoid street foods even if it looks tempting and delicious.

For the safety of the whole family travel, eat only in restaurants where you are sure of quality control standards and hygiene. While sometimes it looks tempting to try exotic dishes and street food, it is not advisable to do so to avoid the risk of diarrhea or food poisoning.

19. Do not drink tap water or from unsealed water bottles.

To ensure safety and avoid any health hazards due to contaminated water, bring bottled water provided by the hotel or buy water from big supermarkets. Do not buy from peddlers in the tourist areas or street sidewalks.

20. Avoid the “rich look” and do not wear expensive watches or precious jewelry.

While many people are trying to make the world a safe and better place, the fact remains that there could be bad guys anywhere waiting to catch a rich prey any moment. Wearing expensive clothing, watches or jewelry will easily attract the attention of these ambush predators and might put you or your family in danger. Try to be discreet whenever making payments for any purchase and never show off a thick wallet. One technique some travelers do is to keep some reasonable amount in the wallet, and secure the rest of the money inside their socks.

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